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Stop Lifespan!

Lifespan plans to build a huge, six-story, industrial-style building at Miriam Hospital, in our one- and two-family residential neighborhood. It will rise on the site of two smaller buildings, a one-story building and the two-story Koffler Research Center, which will be demolished. The building that replaces them over the next ten years will rise higher than any other building on campus and will tower over the Summit Neighborhood.

We call on Lifespan to declare a voluntary one-year moratorium on all building construction on Summit Avenue and all adjoining properties.

Historic aerial views tell the story.

Another Round

Summit residents have watched Miriam Hospital's growth over fifty years, as it devoured homes, a street and a school, and increased traffic, parking congestion, litter and noise. Now it plans to embark on another round of expansion!

Where will it end?

Miriam has built on 100% of its institutionally-zoned property. To expand, it must destroy small buildings and build bigger ones. But what happens when it has built to the maximum height? After tens of millions of dollars have been invested, and it again needs more space, how will it grow?

How You Can Help

We cannot do this alone. We need your help. Write a letter, send an email, sign our petition, volunteer to help with the campaign.

We need your help now!

And what happens to our property values and our quality of life as Lifespan constructs an enormous, heavy-breathing physical plant on our otherwise quiet, tree-lined streets?

Moratorium Now!

Lifespan must reconsider its plans. It must engage in a real dialogue with neighbors and city officials. It must not build this building.
The Koffler building will be demolished

SNA Position on Miriam Construction

The following statement was adopted unanimously by the SNA Board on March 11, 2003:
  1. Lifespan should declare a voluntary one-year moratorium on new construction at the Miriam site on Summit Avenue and all adjoining properties.
  2. Lifespan should adopt the same "do no harm" principle in regard to construction and other institutional initiatives in the Summit neighborhood that Lifespan doctors apply to their medical practices. This means no additional construction within the neighborhood and no expansion of operations or capacity that further detract from the residential character of the neighborhood.
  3. Lifespan should develop its neglected properties on North Main Street, the former Sears store and an empty lot across the street, which have become public nuisances under its ownership.
  4. Lifespan should engage in an ongoing and public dialogue on development plans with Miriam's neighbors and their elected officials to chart the future of its Summit Avenue and North Main Street properties.
  5. The City of Providence must develop and apply "neighborhoods first" planning policies and zoning legislation in our neighborhood, starting with the complete reform of the current "Institutional Zone" ordinance and continuing with measures to restore the residential character of the streets around Miriam Hospital.
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