[Market] Formation of Blackstone Neighborhood Association & Notice re City Plan Hearing on Rochambeau Estate Subdivision Cancellation

Ellen Darling ellendarling at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 11:53:03 CDT 2014

Dear Summit Neighborhood Association,

I believe many of you may know by now that the owners of the large historic
4-acre estate, occupying a city block on the corner of Blackstone,
Rochambeau, and Cole Avenue, are dismantling and subdividing the estate
into 12 separate 6,000 ft lots for real estate development.

This would destroy the historic property built in 1915, demolish the stone
wall surrounding the area, and the old growth trees, and create numerous
curb cuts for driveways on the corner of Rochambeau and Blackstone, which
would further increase traffic in an already very congested area.

In light of this development, which area residents are strongly concerned
about (and would impact the Summit neighborhood by significantly increased
traffic on Rochambeau), we are forming the Blackstone Neighborhood
Association for the purposes of addressing this issue, hiring legal
counsel, and working to mitigate the effects of unbridled real estate
development on this beautiful historic area that has been enjoyed by city
residents, from many neighborhoods, for decades.

We are reaching out to you at this time for guidance and support on this
issue given a) your proximity to the area and b) your history of community
organizing and activism.

We do not yet have much experience or know-how, as a neighborhood, in
organizing and would like to enlist you as allies in mentoring our nascent
group's formation and work on this issue.

If you would be willing to provide any guidance or wish to be added to our
google group's email list on this issue, please contact me at:
ellendarling at gmail.com or 401-965-7840.

Additionally, many of you have been informed that the Providence City Plan
Commission hearing on this issue, which is slated for imminent approval,
was this evening at 4:45 downtown. *This meeting has since been cancelled
and rescheduled for November 18th. *

I will send out a notice with the details of this future meeting as they
become available.

Please be in touch if you would like to a) be added to our email list to
stay apprised of news on this issue and b) support our work in whatever
capacity you are able.

With appreciation,

Ellen Darling, 427 Cole Avenue
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