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Ellen Santaniello esantaniello at gmail.com
Tue May 31 20:40:34 CDT 2016

Do you love dogs and would love to have a dog around sometimes, maybe want
to give your kids the experience of having a dog, but you don't want full
ownership responsibility? If yes, I have a dog for you. He is a really
great dog, in fact. But I am finding that my plate is already too full and
the dog is just too much for me. I am considering re-homing him but would
like to explore other options first.

I don't know how the logistics of this arrangement would work, we'll just
have to figure out what works for us. I am happy to continue to pay for
him, I mostly just need more people with whom he can go for hikes and
walks, spend some days, weeks, or weekends when I'm out of town, etc.

Some details to help you decide:

53 lbs, Australian shepherd mix, fluffy brown and white, really soft fur,
Loves attention, people, dogs, playing, chasing squirrels. Super fun to
walk and hike with, great off-leash in the woods, stays with the herd. He
will run into traffic to chase a squirrel so needs to be on a leash around
He's a rescue, we've had him close to 2 years. I am sure he was at least a
little traumatized and I suspect he lived in a home with some violence and
possibly had to protect women/kids. He gets nervous and protective when
there is high energy activity and around rambunctious small children, will
sometimes bark and jump. Its best if you have calm or older children
(though once he knows them I'm sure that would change, my daughter was 11
when we got him and she lies all over him)
He protects the home. Will bark when new people come in but settles down
once they're inside.
He will lie at your feet. He's lying at my feet right now.
He does not sleep on my bed, is fine on his own, and he waits until you're
awake to come greet you.
He's had only a handful of "accidents" since we got him, is really good
about waiting to be let out.
He will be a nervous wreck the first few times he's alone with you so you
have to be willing to woo him a bit and be patient. Once he knows and loves
you, you are family and the transitions will be easy.

Anyone who is interested, or knows someone who might be, contact me
offlist. Thanks! Ellen on Mayflower St
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