[Summit] SPAM-MED: Re: to all dog walkers

Sumati Eberstadt sumieber at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 5 06:55:48 CDT 2014

I’m with Art on this one. “Polite” and “legal” are not always the same. Excrement is not quite the same as wrappings from your 3 Sister’s sandwich. And really, I don’t worry overall very much about germs. Still, I really don’t like finding a dog-poop bag in my garden waste bin, as happens now and then. 

Dogs, at least puppies, can be trained to do their business at the beginning of a walk. Choose a designated area in you own yard, or in front of your house, and walk up and down there till the business at hand is accomplished. Dispose of waste, then go for your walk. Dog figures it out. So I have read. My sister’s dog, having seen that my sister goes out and picks up her poop every day, now trots ahead to show her where it is. They are pretty clever.


On Aug 4, 2014, at 10:28 PM, Art Norwalk <art at norwalkcom.com> wrote:

> Public trash receptacles are not intended to be used for the leavings of privately owned dogs. Nor should dog owners "borrow" space in the trash bins of other residents.
> The polite process is to pick up your dog's poop in your plastic baggie, take it home and put it in your trash bin.

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