[Summit] Dog poop

Wendy Ismaili bialyhead at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 18:38:49 CDT 2014

All the bags we buy are made from recycled material and are biodegradeable.

And again, once you dump the poop in the toilet, what do you do with the poopy bag?
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> This is a shitty conversation.
> But with that said, best to do is put the poop back in your own toilet and
> flush. That's what the crapper is for, and those folks on the other end
> know what to do with it.
> Why put this all natural and digested product in a plastic bag which then
> ends up in a lined landfill, to virtually never decompose, take up
> valuable space and create methane?
> I also agree that public waste cans are for all waste. If they aren't being
> picked up before they reek, then we need to address the servicing of the
> cans, not their content.
> Poo

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