[Summit] Clarke's Flower Shop site

Harrison, Mary mary_harrison at brown.edu
Wed Aug 6 12:30:14 CDT 2014

Hello, everyone,
There seems to be activity at Clarke's. The sidewalk has been cleaned up,
the very full dumpster removed, and a fence is now around the property.
I, too, hate to be assailed by the odor of dog poop, and I especially hate
having to clean it out of my  (opps - the city's) garbage can or recycle
bin when the bag breaks. Please be considerate of your neighbors, as most
of you dog owners are.
One last request - when sending a comment to the digest, please think about
sending a fresh message instead of just replying to the digest. The entire
digest comes with your message, which causes quite a bit of scrolling down
looking for the new material. I almost gave up today :-).
​Kind regards,
Hope St.​
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