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Fri Aug 8 22:04:24 CDT 2014

This morning, while walking down Hope Street,I noticed to my surprise 
that the newly reopened Citgo station near the end of Blackstone Blvd.
was offering gas at the pump for $3.49 a gallon.  I talked to the owner 
for a while about this - as the station had always been too expensive 
for our budget, yet I always buy from Citgo if possible because it provides
money to the Venezuelan people, not just wealthy corporate honchos.

Certainly, Citgo is no angel - has had its problems.  Still, compared to 
far worse companies such as Exxon, BP, Hess, etc., it at least does
some good.  The station owner told me about how Joe Kennedy,
starting a non-profit to provide heating oil to the poor, was refused 
any cooperation from all the oil companies -- except Citgo. 
See: http://citizensenergy.com/ and 

One other point about the Hope/Blackstone Citgo - The owner 
explained the cheap price as his alternative to a big advertising 
budget re: the station's reopening - and his policy of full service 
as a way to keep his five employees working.  He seemed sincere.
Anyway, as indicated, the choice is between rich corporations that 
collect taxpayer subsidies instead of paying taxes on their billions 
of profit and a company with some indications of social contribution.  
So, I choose Citgo - and will be buying gas tomorrow at this one. 
No guarantee how long the super cheap price will last, but the goal 
seems to be to hold the price down.  I hope that works out.  

Just something to consider...


Liberty G
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