[Summit] Break in report

Schmeling, Thomas A. TSchmeling at ric.edu
Sat Aug 23 20:28:41 CDT 2014

Eugene and all,

Speaking as a officer of the SNA Board, I think I can say that we can certainly have such a meeting. One possibility is to devote all or part of one of our monthly Board meetings to the issue. I’m sure the police would come, and it would be great to have more neighbors attend the Board meeting.

Before we do this, though, I think we should ask, “what outcome we would hope for from this meeting”?  I suppose it’s useful just to have a forum to express concerns, but if we go in with a clear idea of our goals, its likely to be more productive.

I’ll guess the police would tell us about the value of a neighborhood crime watch. This comes up now and again, usually after a spate of break-ins.  As far as I know, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong, it never lasts very long.  The warm weather ends, the break-ins slow or stop, and the crime watch dissipates.  Are there enough people with the time, concern and commitment to keep such a thing going?

Tom Schmeling
Secretary, SNA

P.S.  Dean Weinberg, the SNA president, might have something to say about this, but I bet he is resting up after the end of today's wonderful music festival. Congratulations, an thank you Dean!

On Aug 23, 2014, at 6:41 PM, eugene sorkin <sorki at yahoo.com<mailto:sorki at yahoo.com>> wrote:

It is so sad indeed that we as a neighborhood are doing NOTHING except for the advice to keep doors and windows locked to stop burglaries. I think that SNA should have a meeting with the Police department to discuss the situation. It definitely looks like the crime on East Side is on the rise lately and something needs to be done.

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