[Summit] SNA Meeting addressing area crime, Crime Watch, & Overnight Parking

Dean W thedeaner at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 13:40:29 CDT 2014

If there is interest in the neighborhood, we can definitely dedicate some
or all of the next SNA monthly meeting to the topic.  I am sure we can get
Lt. John Ryan to attend, as he is always amenable to such meetings.

An "official" neighborhood crime watch group did result from the last two
times summer crime boiled up, thanks to Monica Anderson at The Miriam
Hospital, as well as SNA members.  An SNA meeting on this topic should
include whoever is left from that group.

SNA monthly meetings are always the third Monday of the month at 7pm at
Summit Commons, so that puts us at Sept 15.  If you can commit to attending
such a meeting, please say so by either replying to this email or emailing
SNAProv at gmail.com.  If we get a decent response, we'll ask Lt. Ryan to

I believe that the Camp Street sub-station is still in operation.  What
happened 4-5 years ago was a merging of Districts 8 & 9.  I believe the
Camp Street station became more of a sub-station at that time.

I do believe that the Overnight Parking program does make it easier to
commit crime in the neighborhood and make it more difficult to recognize
crime in progress.  Everyone should know that this program is currently in
a phase of being an "indefinite pilot program".  It has NOT been passed by
City Council, and it is a pet program of Mayor Taveras, existing because of
his Executive Order.  I say this not as a representative of SNA, but as a
resident who deeply disagrees with the Overnight Parking program and how it
has come to be implemented in Providence.  Crime is just one element of why
this is a bad program for Providence's future, but since we are on that
topic, I mention it.

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