[Summit] Suspicious behavior

Christine Eisenhower ceisenhower at mail.uri.edu
Sun Aug 24 19:16:53 CDT 2014

In regards to the break-in reports...I noticed a car waiting at the end of
my driveway on Thursday evening (7:20 pm).  It was a silver four-door car
with tinted windows and bright headlights (sort of a blue/purple).  Can't
remember if it was Mass or RI plates.  The passenger side window was rolled
down, so I could see the arm of a guy who looked tan and wearing a black
tank.  I was leaving for something at 7:30 pm that I usually go to on
Thursdays, and didn't know if they were expecting me to leave.  I ended up
leaving out a back door and the other end of the driveway.  When I
approached the stop sign where they could see me, they started to slowly
pull away from the curb, followed me briefly, and then left.  Didn't know
if anyone saw a similar car in relation to these break-in reports.
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