[Summit] Overnight parking (was Re: SNA Meeting addressing area crime, Crime Watch, & Overnight Parking)

Francisco pacolovera at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 25 13:58:35 CDT 2014

You are correct.  The parking ban would not deter crime during the daylight hours or through the time that parking was allowed (up to 1 am?)  What I heard directly from a former police chief in Providence is that as a patrol man if you see a car parked in front of someone's house at late hours you can easily assume that the car either does not belong to the neigborhood (best case visitor or forgeful homeowner) and write down the plate.  If a crime in the area is committed, you have at least one lead.  With many cars on the street it becomes more labor intensive to do a scope of all the streets and check every single car wihtou a sticker every day.  I totally concur with you, the parking ban does not help to deter crime during the day when most people are at work
Also, as neighbors, I agree with you, we can tell when there is a new car in the neigborhood.  Which again, requires eyes on the street.  These may not happen when people are not necessarily looking (at work or at night)  If it wasn't for my neighbor who feeds her baby at 4 am, we would have no lead whatsoever on the recent break ins.  
As a recent victim of one of these crimes, I am oversensitive to cars (especially unfamiliar ones) on my street.  

Conclusion, removing the parking ban has its pros and cons.  More effective policing at night is one of the cons.  We, as neighbors, decide the weigh in the pros and cons and request a solution (re: parking ban) on each block.  After all, we are in a democratic society.

Francisco J. Lovera 

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Subject: [Summit] Overnight parking (was Re: SNA Meeting addressing area crime, Crime Watch, & Overnight Parking)

    Hi Dean,


    On 08/24/2014 02:40 PM, Dean W wrote:

    I do believe that the Overnight Parking program does
      make it easier to commit crime in the neighborhood and make it
      more difficult to recognize crime in progress.  Everyone should
      know that this program is currently in a phase of being an
      "indefinite pilot program".  It has NOT been passed by City
      Council, and it is a pet program of Mayor Taveras, existing
      because of his Executive Order.  I say this not as a
      representative of SNA, but as a resident who deeply disagrees with
      the Overnight Parking program and how it has come to be
      implemented in Providence.  Crime is just one element of why this
      is a bad program for Providence's future, but since we are on that
      topic, I mention it.

    As a fellow resident (who has been a victim of theft, and otherwise
    isn't a fan of such shenanigans), I'm curious about the claim that
    overnight parking makes it "more difficult to recognize crime in
    progress". This doesn't jibe with my personal observations:


        Overnight parking bans don't prevent your law-abiding friends
          and neighbors from parking on the street during the day or
          evening. You know, for when a friend comes over for dinner, or
          you have a bunch of snowboarding gear you want to move in or
          out of your front closet.

        After living in a place for awhile, it becomes obvious which
          vehicles are regularly parked on your block. A new vehicle
          does stand out.

        It's easy to tell if a parked car belongs to a resident or
          not --- just look at the upper left corner of the rear window
          for a resident parking sticker. (I suppose this could be
          faked, but I don't think we're talking about that level of
          sophistication here.)

    Not interested in starting a flame war (though those can be fun).
      Just curious about what I'm missing.





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