[Summit] Car break ins

Jeffrey Cavanaugh jeff at cavanaugh.org
Tue Aug 26 12:20:00 CDT 2014

Sometimes I wonder if I should leave my car unlocked, with nothing valuable
in it.  Newer cars are very difficult to start without the key, so locking
the care probably doesn't do much to discourage theft of the car.

I was parked in a lot in Boston once, all day.  My car was in a remote
corner of the lot, and when I got back, I discovered that my radio had been
stolen (a 2-way radio added on).  The window was not broken - I had left
the window open by mistake!  I also noticed several cars around me with
smashed windows and missing stereos.  In a way, I made out better.

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 1:14 PM, Michael McGlynn <mmcglynn at gmail.com> wrote:

> I sent this to Cheryl Simmons, but am reposting here.
> I ride my bike daily to work along North Main Street. I will occasionally
> see a pile of windows glass along the stretch that border the North Burial
> Ground, indicating to me that a car break in occurred. Monday morning I saw
> no less that 7 of these glass piles at regular intervals.
> I am going to assume that this occurs at night when a long line of cars
> parked in that area, probably for the 2 nightclubs close to that stretch.
> My guess is that not all of these get reported due the lateness of the
> hour, the vehicles owner's level of sobriety being incompatible with police
> interaction and the fact that some folks may be from out of town/state.
> Nonetheless I think that many smashed windows is pretty disconcerting, and
> information not likely to disseminated via regular channels.
> --
> Thank You,
> Michael McGlynn
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