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Yes-- absolutely-- include your full name and address in your email to Bob
Azar for the record.

Sincere thanks, Summit friends!

Ellen Darling, 427 Cole Avenue

On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 1:34 PM, aw <awoodward7 at verizon.net> wrote:
> I am guessing that if an email is sent it is important to state your full
> name and address...
>   On Thursday, December 11, 2014 11:25 PM, Ellen Darling <
> ellendarling at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Summit neighbors,
> We are writing to update you on last night's community meeting regarding
> the proposed major subdivision to the 440-460 Rochambeau estate. While
> the weather was awful and Wednesday nights are often inconvenient, the
> turnout was very disappointing.
> Without a strong community presence at the 16th's City Planning Commission
> Public Hearing, our cause may well be lost. PLEASE consider coming to
> 16th's critical meeting for the following reasons:
> 1) The fate of the estate will be decided on the 16th. *Whatever decision
> is made will be permanent and vested under the law.*
> 2) If the decision is not in our favor, the ONLY opportunity that we have
> to "build the record" for an appeal process is whatever testimony you
> contribute on the 16th. That is it. There are NO more public hearings, etc,
> during the appeal process. THIS IS OUR ONLY CHANCE.
> 2) If you ABSOLUTELY cannot come, PLEASE take a moment right now to email
> Bob Azar of the City Planning Commission at *razar at providenceri.com
> <razar at providenceri.com>,* and cc sharon at sharonsteele.com. You can outline
> your concerns in an email that will go into the record.
> Also, please forward this email to at least five neighbors or friends, OR
> better yet, ask them in person to come to the 16ths CPC meeting.
> If you want to come to the meeting but need a ride, please email
> blackstone.neighborhhood.org at gmail.com and we will arrange for someone
> from the Steering Committee to pick you up.
> Last night, Bill Landry, the attorney representing the neighborhood, also
> indicated that it is very important that individuals make their voices
> heard at the CPC meeting. Simply stating your name, address and concern
> about the proposed development as it has to date been articulated to date
> is critical for the CPC members to hear. One can simply say that you
> agree with the points made already and wish to make your concerns a matter
> of record.
> It will be very hard for the CPC to vote AGAINST the community if enough
> of us are there!
> Mr. Landry also reiterated that the current proposal, nothing more than a
> 'few lines on a piece of paper', does not in any way meet the CPC's own
> requirements for a major subdivision. His main concern was that the
> proposal might be 'tweaked' giving it some semblance of completeness. We,
> as a community, must demand that all requirements be met completely and
> without exception!
> The disquiet and anxiety that the neighborhood feels about this proposed
> major subdivision is real. In order to insure a future that is in keeping
> with the character of the neighborhood, *WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER NOW
> The CPC meeting starts promptly at 4:45 on December 16th at the Joseph
> Doorley Municipal Building, 444 Westminster Street, 1st floor Meeting Room,
> Providence, RI. We are the first item on the agenda.
> We hope to see you there!
> Warmly,
> Ellen Darling, Blackstone Neighborhood Association
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