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Very interesting, Geoff. And newsy, so it qualifies.

On Oct 9, 2014, at 11:12 PM, Geoff Griffin wrote:

> I happened to be passing by the library as tonight's forum ended, and I ended up hanging around for a while.
> I met Marcus Mitchell, who is quite optimistic about his chances, running as a write-in against Kevin Jackson. He tells me Jackson only has a 15% approval rating, that there is no mysterious base of support. The challenge for Mitchell, then, is just to get his name out there (and get people to spell it correctly!). He seemed like a really genuine guy, and he sat on the wall chatting with me until long after everyone else had left.
> I also ended up in a conversation with Dr Harrop, the Republican candidate. He was quite frank about supporting Elorza. He wants to do whatever it takes to help Elorza win, and his polling data indicates that Elorza might do better if Harrop stays in, and draws a few thousand diehard anti-Hispanic or anti-Democrat votes that otherwise would go Cianci. He admits that that is ugly - pandering to racists?!? - but, again, he is willing to do whatever it takes. 
> Hope this qualifies as news, and not campaigning. My apologies in advance if it seems inappropriate. But I found myself oddly optimistic after meeting these two decent, polite, very different men, and I wanted to share.
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