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I'd have had a similar opinion about Jackson early on; that all persons
vying for public office should get a fair shake. But then reading this
information about Jackson's unpaid fines--and the *reasons* for those
fines--leaves me thinking that any such effort would be rather fruitless.

It's like passing the mic to Buddy Cianci--if we'd only give the the guy a
chance to explain himself maybe we'd all vote for him? Hmm.


On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 12:23 PM, Gayle Gifford <gayle at ceffect.com> wrote:

> If Marcus is launching a serious campaign, which he seems to be doing, then
> is it possible that SNA might try to invite him and Kevin Jackson to a
> candidate forum?
> I would very much like to hear positions.
> I know that Kevin is terrible at getting back to constituents and has very
> much taken this seat for granted. His support for Cianci is shocking. Yet,
> he should have the opportunity to explain that and his past record to the
> neighborhood, shouldn't he?
> I think we need to all be well-informed before rashly jumping out on any
> candidate.
> Kevin has taken some very important actions over the years that have
> benefited the neighborhood and many of the city's poorest residents. When
> Mayor Cicilline tried to ram through zoning changes (in which the city
> planning department was hot on having the businesses on Hope St add floors
> and grow upwards)  without undertaking the required comprehensive planning
> first, Kevin was among the council members who challenged him. The council
> hired its own advisor who advised that the mayors action was not legal. The
> council pushed very hard against the Mayor, who was not happy, but the
> Mayor
> had to step back and  engage the community the right way.
> The city council position is a more than full time job. I want to know that
> anyone we elect has the stamina, the political savvy and positions that are
> good for the city, not just for  our neighborhood but for all of
> Providence's residents.
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