[Summit] leaf blowers & idling cars: E. Side quality of life issues

Greg Gerritt gerritt at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 17 12:44:14 CDT 2014

To stop clikamte change we are going to have to go to zero fossil fuel usage
and restore forests.  RI needs to get out ahead of this curve.  Maybe we
start by banning leaf blowing and then move on to reducing the number of
cars by 10% a year while shifting the rest to electric run  on solar or
wind.   greg

From:  Paul Wilde <zenyente at gmail.com>
Date:  Friday, October 17, 2014 at 1:28 PM
To:  Summit Neighborhood <Summit at sna.providence.ri.us>
Subject:  [Summit] leaf blowers & idling cars: E. Side quality of life

So the question is, do we have any support to introduce legislation to ban
leaf blowers in Prov?

Similarly, from a clean air pt of view, does anyone find it reasonable to
petition the Hope St merchants to encourage a ban (or strongly worded
request) on cars idling in parking lots?  According to Click & Clack,
anything beyond 30 sec of idling and you have lost any gain you may have
saved from fuel used by turning the car off & on again, or are people too
unconcerned to be bothered by this form of noise and air pollution?  Not to
mention walking the gauntlet to your car, which we hope, is turned off.  As
one friend put it, you are getting 0 mpg while idling.

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