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Tue Oct 21 13:26:41 CDT 2014

 Dear Neighbors, 

Please join our group of residents concerned about the major subdivision of 
the historic 4-acre estate at 440 and 460 Rochambeau Ave (which occupies a 
full city block on Blackstone Blvd) for real estate development.

The purpose of this email group is to share information on the issue and 
ensure your perspective is adequately represented at the November 18th 
Providence City Plan Commission hearing and in any future proceedings.

Ellen Darling, 427 Cole Avenue

About this group:
Community organization to address the proposed major subdivision of the 4-acre
estate occupying a city block on Blackstone Blvd, Rochambeau and Cole Avenue 
into 12 lots of real estate development. ----- To join the group or be removed
from this list, please email ellendarling at gmail.com

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