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Good Day Neighbors
I had the pleasure of meeting Marcus and his wife Lynette last night at Judy Kaye's meet and greet last night.

This gent is a sincere person who has an intelligent mind and a easy disposition - a combination that has enabled him to accomplish amazing changes in our city as a citizen and in Philadelphia as Director of Community and Economic Development.  He has well grounded values about diversity and inclusion of all those affected.  He is a person who stays focused on the goal and gets the work done without being deviated by the politics around him.  

His personality clearly is an asset for navigating the political waters of Providence and RI - he is one of those people who has a way of presenting and pushing without being offensive.  It is easy to see how he was able to lead the effort to keep the libraries operating.

He sits on the planning council for the 20 year plan RhodeMap RI.  His efforts in the state and locally have gained him recognition and respect from the folks he would be collaborating with should he win the councilman's position.

There will be a mailer going out soon about his platform and how to 'write-in' his name if you choose to vote for him.  You will need to print his name AND complete the arrow.

A record turn out is expected from our ward for this election, so if you are considering a change in for the Ward 3 Town Council seat, it is critical that you vote.

Happy voting ~ amanda woodward
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