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Sam --

Before we get into litmus tests about who might 
ever have voted for anyone who ever had a 
disagreeable thought, I commend to you David Brooks's column of a few days ago:


-- Art

At 02:52 PM 10/29/2014, Samuel Bell wrote:

>I have to say I agree with Karen.  As the State 
>Coordinator of the Rhode Island Progressive 
>Democrats, I have grave concerns about Marcus's work for Senator Rick Santorum.
>After I posted my concerns earlier, Karina, whom 
>I have great respect for, reached out and 
>offered to find a time for me to sit down with 
>Marcus for him to explain his work for the Tea 
>Party icon.  While they never got back to me 
>with a time, I understand how hectic everything 
>can be around campaign time, and I really do 
>appreciate the gesture.  That being said, I 
>find it hard to imagine a suitable explanation.
>If Marcus had served as a Democrat in a policy 
>role that involved giving a counter-perspective, 
>not actively trying to win more votes for 
>Santorum, it would have been more acceptable, 
>although still inadvisable.  But it appears 
>that he actually served in a community 
>relations role.  His job seems to have centered 
>on building better relations between Senator 
>Santorum and the Philadelphia minority 
>community--with the natural result of improving 
>Santorum's image and winning Santorum votes.
>There are many questions Marcus needs to answer 
>about his past connection to Santorum: Â Did he 
>ever vote for Santorum?  Or Toomey, Corbett, 
>Romney, Bush, or McCain?  Was he ever a 
>registered Republican?  Did he ever consider 
>running for office as a Republican?  Did he 
>ever support Santorum's presidential bid?
>The East Side has been poorly served in the past 
>by conservatives like Gordon Fox.  But while 
>Fox took illegal contributions from the NRA and 
>championed a voter ID law, even he never 
>explicitly worked for far right Republicans like Rick Santorum.
>I understand the concerns a lot of people have 
>with Kevin.  He could be more responsive, he 
>certainly should be better about his campaign 
>finance filings, and I disagree with him very 
>strongly on the Mayor's race.  But he is a real 
>DemÀÐj¸½½p ocrat with a very solid voting record.
>There are a lot of great people I have enormous 
>respect for who are supporting Marcus, mainly 
>because of the Mayor's race.  But electing a 
>former Tea Party staffer to the Council is not a 
>great way to respond to Cianci.  A much better 
>idea is to work as hard as we possibly can to elect Jorge Elorza!
>On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 12:24 PM, Delgado, Mona 
>Moller <<mailto:mona_delgado at brown.edu>mona_delgado at brown.edu> wrote:
>Thanks Karen, these are important and valid points and good information.
>On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 12:12 PM, Karen MCA 
><<mailto:kbmcaninch at aol.com>kbmcaninch at aol.com> wrote:
> > I have known and worked with both Kevin 
> Jackson and Marcus Mitchell on many issues, 
> particularly due to my position as the union 
> representative for the Providence Community Libraries.
> >
> > Based on my experience, I have concerns about Marcus Mitchell's candidacy.
> >
> > In addition to his association with Rick 
> Santorum, who holds repugnant views on any 
> number of issues I hold near and dear, I also 
> object to him taking credit for work preserving 
> the branch libraries in Providence when in fact 
> there were several of us who worked on this 
> issue (with Kevin Jackson's support) long 
> before Marcus got involved and who continued to 
> do the lion's share of the effort.
> >
> > Although I share the frustration that Kevin 
> is co-chairing Cianci's campaign and know that 
> his responsiveness to constituents is a real 
> issue, I believe he has a much stronger record 
> of supporting progressive community issues.
> >
> > Thanks for listening.
> >
> > Karen McAninch, 22 Memorial Rd.
> >
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