[Summit] Noon bicycle theft on Rochambeau (Sep 09) - video footage

aa44ee aa44ee at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 11:24:20 CDT 2014

Two bikes were stolen from our driveway on Tuesday. The theft occurred
around 12:30pm, likely while I was in the house on a conference call. Our
neighbor has many surveillance cameras monitoring street activity. Three of
them provide excellent footage of the two perps who took the bikes. I've
posted the 7:07 video on youtube. The theft occurs at the 6:15 mark into
the video if you're impatient. But watching the whole video provides a
glimpse at 'suspicious behavior'.

Case 14-89835 - Detective Matt Cute - (401-243-6314)

Call him (or email me) if you can help identify these two.

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