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> On Apr 1, 2015, at 13:08, Mark Binder <mark at markbinder.com> wrote:
> According to the Providence Journal, there's been a rash of "splash shield slashing" on the East Side.
> According to reports, "A bunch of little green men with sharp knives are running around cutting the plastic that holds splash guards to cars. Then they run off, giggling madly."
> House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello said, "I would do something about it, but they've already contributed to my reelection campaign, so my hands are tied."
> John Marion pointed to this as yet another conflict of interest, saying, "He who splashes last splashes best."
> Gina Raimondo objected to John's using the term "he" and said that "As the first female governor, I should be guarded against splashes too."
> - Mark
>> Have any of you had your splash shields come loose lately? We've had  both
>> cars have it happen to them in the last few weeks. Granted the roads are a
>> mess. But it's never happened to us before in all of our years of driving
>> our cars.
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