[Summit] City Council Community Meetings - Or Not

Michael McGlynn mmcglynn at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 10:44:55 CDT 2015

My wife pointed out this meeting, which were we not informed of, and asked
why did we didn't know about it? Great question, especially since between
the two of us we cover lots of ground in terms of what is happening in
local politics and other city events and meetings.

Dear Neighbor:
We are pleased to inform you about an important event taking place on
Thursday, April 9th at 6:30pm at the Dr. Martin Luther King School, located
at 35 Camp Street, Province.
This event will give you an opportunity to tell us what you think our
community needs to improve, and let your voice to be heard.  So please join
us and feel free to make copies of the attached flyer, to hang and share,
and invite friends, neighbors and community partners.
To participate, please RSVP to Donna Miele at dmiele at providenceri.com. You
may also complete the Community Needs Survey at
http://tinyurl.com/ProvidenceCDBGSurvey.  We look forward to seeing you,
and thank you for helping us to spread the word.
Majority Leader Kevin Jackson                   Seth Yurdin
Councilman –Ward 3                                  Councilman-Ward

Samuel D. Zurier
Councilman-Ward 2

So, how can I not miss the next one? Here's the steps I took:

- Go to the City Council's website and sign up for their newsletter?
Nope, the form doesn't work.

- How about the RRS feed? Not that anyone uses RSS much anymore, but give
it a shot.
Nope, nuthin' there either.

- How about reading the current version of their newsletter which has a
section for "Upcoming Neighborhood Events".
Great, except the "latest" newsletter is from September 2013. 2013, let
that sink in. 2013.

- Look at their events calendar?
Well, the day is highlighted, but there is no link to click on.

- Go to Providence's Open meetings Portal website and select "City Council"
in the drop down?
Nope, the meeting doesn't show up under "Past Meetings". How about without
filtering? Nope, not there either.

We clearly need to do more to hold our councilors accountable for operating

Thank You,
Michael McGlynn
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