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My neighbor's house was robed 2 days ago. They broke in through the back porch. Took 
i pad and jewelry.  Last summer lots of houses were robbed, I just hope this summer will be different. Or not?

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** I'm hoping to gather stories from the neighborhood about bicycle thefts. Please share them with the list of reply to me directly. **

We've suffered yet another bicycle theft. This last Wednesday, our twelve year olds new bicycle was stolen from the bike racks in front of Nathan Bishop Middle around noon.
Although the school video cameras show the thief in the act, the footage was not clear enough to make out any solid identifying features. Late teen to early adult male. Black jacket, white hoodie. Backpack. He cases the bike racks 30 mins prior to returning for our son's bicycle.
The bike was locked to the rack with a cable lock but this was not sufficient. In just 10 seconds, the thief was able to approach the rack, compromise the lock somehow, and ride away.
Last fall, two bikes were stolen from our driveway on Rochambeau Avenue, again mid day. I shared the footage of those two with the list. One was ultimately arrested. He is well known by the police and is in a gang of thieves that have robbed, burgled and pilfered our district for years.
As we went to shop for a replacement bike today, the other two patrons at NBX Bikes shared their tales of recent bike thefts. Mid day. One from their back yard on Cypress, the other from the front of Providence Bikes on Branch as he dash inside for a mere 10 seconds to get a bottle of water.
Some tips that I'd learned in the last few days from NBX and online reading if you have a bike and want to decrease your chances of it getting stolen.
- NEVER leave your bike unattended and unlocked in your yard or driveway. The thieves commonly are opportunistic or are actually casing around for the right moment to strike for an easy win.
- If you can afford it, invest in a U-lock. The cable locks, especially ones with combinations, are fairly simple to compromise either by bolt cutters, hack saws, or brute force. Even U-locks are susceptible to compromise but are more challenging. The Kryptonite Series 2, when used correctly, is reportedly a solid deterrent.
- Take a picture of your bike and record the serial number. These are essential when filing a complaint with the police should your bike get stolen.
- If your bike is stolen, be sure to report the theft to the police immediately. Wait for an officer to arrive. Give a statement. And most importantly, get a case number. The crime statistics include bicycle thefts and should reflect yours.
Stay aware and stay vigilant. Spring is in bloom and so is the thieving.

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