[Summit] Fwd: *** Hi Buildings and Grounds People... We need to speak up now about releasing those funds for school buildings in the city/state!

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Thu Apr 30 10:00:31 CDT 2015

I'm forwarding a letter sent to parents of Vartan Gregorian kids about the
moratorium on fixing/rebuilding schools in RI. Rep. Regunberg has proposed
a house bill and could use your support, read on...


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Hi All,

I am writing to all of you as I know you all care about the state of the
school buildings in Providence... As many of you know, there is a
moratorium on fixing and rebuilding schools in RI...   Rep. Aaron Regunberg
who is our rep and proposed this House Bill 5434
<https://legiscan.com/RI/text/H5434/2015>)* to lift the ban, e-mailed me
this morning and told me to get EVERYONE to write a letter to support
this...  Don't worry, you can just cut and paste a letter already
drafted(see below) if you do not have time to write one...
Aaron wants us to send the letter to the rest of the Providence delegation,
as well as every member of the House Finance Committee.  You can find the
names and e-mails at http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/ComMembers
/ComMemr.asp?ComChoiceR=HFIN and

*Dear Representative _________________,*
*As a Providence Public School parent I am writing to urge you to support
House Bill 5434 to lift the state's moratorium on school housing aid and to
increase funding for our school facilities. Our school buildings are in
disrepair. [NOTE:If you have details you can insert them: Leaking roofs,
broken sinks, peeling paint, mold, asbestos, etc.] My children, and all the
children in Rhode Island, deserve to go to school in a building that does
not look neglected. Across the state, there are schools behind in repairs
and modernizing due to a lack of funding.  Let us invest in school
facilities that will support children year after year in their growth and
education. We need your help to do this.*

*I understand you have many competing interests to balance, but I believe
this issue must be at the top of our agenda. Will you make this a priority
and advocate to your colleagues about the need to increase funding for
school facilities? We are counting on you.*

*[Only add address if you are in the Rep's district]*

* Here is interesting article from Projo yesterday...

Thanks and please forward to anyone that you think would be interested!

*Gina Mazza*
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