[Summit] FYI Challenges with park & pedestrian bridge design on I-195 land

Gayle Gifford gayle at ceffect.com
Thu Apr 30 15:36:05 CDT 2015

Neighbors, you may be interested in the review and proposed revisions by
Barnaby Evans suggested for the maybe to be park on the I-195 land. As I
understand it, these revisions were not accepted. But Barnaby Evan's did the
analysis because he was concerned about the layout of the park, which
actually makes it difficult to connect with the water, and concerns about
the bridge, both its lowness for boats and the grade that makes it difficult
for pedestrians to see from one side to the other which discourages people
from crossing it. (and because he is really smart about creative
placemaking, and gets how the landscape, built environment and people



At a recent CityWalk meeting, I heard from another person there that they
weren't concerned about the ball park displacing the park as the park was
badly designed and likely to be unused to  begin with.



Gayle Gifford

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