[Summit] Snowstorm 4 bulletin 6: Transit updates (10 a.m.)

David Kolsky davidjkolsky at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 09:51:36 CST 2015

Nothing new that I've seen (as opposed to the cold I've felt) except mid-morning updates from RIPTA and the MBTA. 

Since these updates are coming at least twice a day during this storm season, and since transit riders need the information in real time (rather than when I happen to go on line and check e-mail), I'd strongly advise them not to rely on me but to check those agencies' web sites or sign up for one of their alert services.

On the East Side, among other changes, RIPTA's 49-Camp bus isn't serving Miriam Hospital, the 92-trolley is avoiding Ives for Gano, and busses through the Tunnel are passing Brook Street to use Hope.

Have a good Presidents' Day.



1. RIPTA detours 11 routes today
2. MBTA conditions


# 1.  RIPTA

UPDATED 10:00AM - 

February 16, 2015

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) announced that eleven routes are on detour Monday, February 16, 2015, as regular service resumes after a weekend storm.  Accumulated snow in some areas and unplowed secondary roads make it difficult for RIPTA vehicles to travel safely.  Routes 1, 3, 6, 18, 27, 29, 34, 49, 80, 87 and 92 are on currently on detour. RIPTA will continue to restore service on those routes as conditions allow and will also advise riders of any other detours due to the storm.  Passengers are encouraged to check www.RIPTA.com for updates throughout the day.  Riders may expect some delays on all routes due to weather conditions and are advised to use extreme caution at bus stops due to decreased visibility and slippery conditions.

The safety of our employees and passengers is RIPTA’s top priority. RIPTA apologizes for the inconvenience and asks for the public’s understanding as we work around to maintain service during this storm.  

Route 1 (Eddy Street): UPDATE

Northbound trips are detouring after Rhode Island Hospital are bypassing Richmond Street and continuing on Eddy Street to Dorrance Street and then to Kennedy Plaza.

Northbound trips from the East Side Tunnel will travel regular route to Waterman, then detour left on Hope Street, bypassing Brook. 

Southbound trips will travel the regular route to Hope Street then will stay on Hope, take a right Angell

Street and then left on Thayer to resume regular route.

Route 3 (Warwick Ave): NEW

Inbound trips are detouring after Rhode Island Hospital are bypassing Richmond Street and continuing on

Eddy Street to Dorrance Street and then to Kennedy Plaza.

Route 6 (Prairie Avenue):  UPDATE

No service to CCRI Providence campus; buses will stay on Prairie Avenue. Buses will terminate on Broad Street at city line.

Route 18 (Union Ave):

Trips will not service Chapin Avenue and Ellery Street. 

Outbound trips will travel the regular route to Cranston Street; stay on Cranston Street, right onto Route 10 ramp, then left onto Union Avenue where regular route will resume. Detour will reverse on inbound trips.

Route 27 (Broadway/Manton):

Trips will not service Hillcrest Village Apartments.

Route 29 (Kent County):

No service to the Phenix Hotel in West Warwick.  Bus will travel regular route to Main Street, then right on Pleasant and left on Highland before turning left on Main Street to resume regular route.

Route 34 (East Providence:

Inbound trips will not service the back of Evergreen Apartments. Trips leaving the apartment complex will continue on Evergreen Drive, turn right onto Warren Avenue and then resume regular route.

Route 49 (Camp St./Miriam Hospital): NEW

Trips will not service Miriam Hospital.

Outbound trips from the East Side Tunnel will travel the regular route to Waterman Street, left onto Hope Street (avoiding Brook Street), continue regular route to Doyle Street, through to right onto North Main Street, left onto Smithfield Avenue, left onto  Nashua Street, left onto Frost Street, right onto North Main Street, regular route to Hope Street, continue on Hope street to right onto Angell Street and then resume regular route.

Route 80 (Armistice Blvd.):

No service to Summit Street.  Outbound trips will follow regular route to Walcott then turn right on School Street, left on Pond, and then right on Columbus to resume regular route. 

Inbound trips will travel regular route to Pond Street and then detour by taking a right on Prospect before resuming regular route.

Route 87 (Fairmount/Walnut Hill):

Trips will not service Fairmount and Morin Heights. Inbound and outbound buses Cass Avenue, buses will terminate at Clinton Street.

Route 92 (RI College/ Federal Hill/East Side): UPDATE

Westbound trips from Kennedy Plaza will travel the regular route to right onto Eagle Street, left onto Valley Street, left into Price Rite plaza; buses will terminate at Price Rite. 

Eastbound trips will travel regular route to Wickenden Street, then left on Gano (bypassing Ives), and right on Pitman Street to regular route. 

Westbound trips leaving Eastside Market will also bypass Ives, traveling Pitman Street to Gano Street and then right on Wickenden to resume regular route.

Passengers are strongly advised to monitor news reports, check www.RIPTA.com and RIPTA’s social media outlets (Facebook @RideRIPTA, Twitter @RIPTA_RI) for service advisory updates.  RIPTA urges passengers to sign up for electronic News Updates at http://www.ripta.com/detours-news; RIPTA will e-mail system disruption notices to passengers on this distribution list.



# 2. MBTA
(Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)

Commuter Rail is on a Saturday schedule for the holiday.

Severe Weather Update - February 16, 2015

[ Updated: 9:45 a.m., Feb 16, 2015 ]

What to expect when winter weather hits.

The MBTA is providing a limited schedule of rail and bus service. 

Limited service is available on the Red Line from Alewife to Andrew Stations with limited substitute bus service on the Ashmont and Braintree branches. Limited Orange Line service is available from Sullivan to Back Bay Stations with limited substitute bus service from Oak Grove to Sullivan Stations and from Back Bay to Forest Hills Stations. Limited Green Line service will operate between Kenmore and Lechmere Stations with limited trolley service operating in both directions on the D branch. Along the B branch, Route 57 buses will make stops between Packards Corner and Kenmore Stations. Along the C branch, limited shuttle bus service will be available. Along the E branch, Route 39 buses will make stops between Northeastern and Heath St. Stations. The Blue Line is operating at all stations with limited service.

Commuter Rail is operating on a Saturday schedule, but with significant delays and several canceled trips.

Buses are operating on a modified Saturday schedule with certain routes not operating, which is detailed below. The Silver Line will operate on a weekday schedule. 

Please note that parking in MBTA garages will continue to be permitted, but availability may be limited. Lynn, Beverly, Salem, and Wonderland Garages will continue to have low availability. Additional parking availability information can be found here. Illegally parked vehicles in garages that are found to be blocking pedestrian access ways and/or traffic lanes will be subject to towing. Passengers are encouraged to park in garages only when leaving their vehicle on the premises overnight. 

MBTA passengers may also park in available Massport parking at Suffolk Downs Station and board Massport employee shuttles either to Airport terminals or to the Blue Line Airport Station.

As always, the latest service information can be found at the MBTA's winter resource hub: mbta.com/winter. Customers are also urged to check T-Alerts regularly for updates or to join our 106,000 followers on Twitter @MBTA. For Commuter Rail updates, we ask commuters to follow the MBTA Commuter Rail on Twitter @MBTA_CR.

The MBTA appreciates the patience of its loyal customers as it works to restore service to the levels they expect and deserve.

Updated: 9:45 a.m., Feb 16, 2015


Commuter Rail

All Commuter Rail lines will operate on a Saturday schedule on Monday, February 16. Commuter Rail service is expected to have delays and cancellations due to switch and signal issues and mechanical issues with locomotives. Cancelled train trips are also likely.

For up-to-the-minute service information, please check T-Alerts. http://www.mbta.com/rider_tools/transit_updates/


Other MBTA services

For THE RIDE, bus, trolley, subway and ferry services, check http://www.mbta.com/rider_tools/transit_updates/



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