[Summit] Sewing Machine Purchase advice

Breslers breslerfamily at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 23:46:43 CST 2015

Dear Folks Who Sew-

I have reached the end of my rope with breaking machines and think I will
buy a new one. I have two apparently needing repairs (Old Singer & a
Fleetwood) and that could easily cost more than a new machine.  Plus the
wonderful repair person I used has retired.

So... please tell me what machine you sew on- and has it been dependable?

And please tell me if there is anything you think I definitely should NOT

i.e. I have heard Singer's are now junk.

I know I want a sturdy machine, for straight stitches & zig zag for
stretch- don't really care about anything else. Simpler is less to break-
in my book.

Thank you
Mrs B

*funded in part by a Folk Arts Fellowship grant from the RI State Council
on the Arts*.
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