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Breslers breslerfamily at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 18:28:45 CST 2015

I lived in the Fenway .
It was a nightmare the whole season.
Unbelievably rude drivers & walkers
I had beer cans thrown at me out of school bus windows, while sitting on my
own stoop.

They parked wherever they wanted, even on park grass, and you did NOT want
to be around when they came back & exploded because their car had been

In Pawtucket there is lots of room, and it's in a low use area, so there is
not a lot of other traffic.

Downtown Providence there would be MUCH disruption both during
construction, and when it would be up and running.

And would any of this money "stimulous" go local?
Probably not except for the hot dog vendors.

Mrs B.

*funded in part by a Folk Arts Fellowship grant from the RI State Council
on the Arts*.
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