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I do not understand how National Grid ranks homes for electric usage. We are all so different. Some houses use electricity for the lighting purposes only. But many of us have electric stoves and ovens as well as different types of heating. We have a forced air heating system which consumes lots of electricity. So what is this ranking about? The National Grid should develop an energy index taking into account all of the above parameters including the the total living area (i.e. per square foot) and then we will see a more realistic picture of electric usage per household. 

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 For those who are interested in procuring your home energy needs from renewable sources, look into People's Power and Light here in Providence.

They have a relationship with National Grid to provide clean energy. You pay slightly more per kilowatt hour but everything you pay above what National Grid charges is tax-deductible. We did this several years ago and are really happy. We pay about $100-150 extra a year and we are a family of five. (Rated good by National Grid, for whatever that is worth.) At least for us, it is one easy way to lessen our environmental impact.
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