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Ophelia12 ophelia12 at ymail.com
Sat Jan 17 20:39:55 CST 2015

1. Anonymity: As long as this list is public and/or open to anyone to join, I feel very strongly about keeping anonymity. If I post a curb alert, anyone could use my name, email address and street address for fraudulent purposes. If I were a domestic abuse victim trying to start over, the information in my emails could be used to locate and stalk me. This is why I use a pseudonym now for my email address. Losing this protection because of ONE troll seems to me to be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
2. Facebook: No. Aside from the privacy/advertising issues, the format itself isn't flexible enough for some features, such as sharing documents (e.g., lists of contractors) easily. [I could be wrong on this.]

3. Anonymous survey: It would help ease traffic on the listserv. SurveyMonkey offers free online surveys.

Unsolicited opinion on trolls: It's the price of free speech, and while I do feel for the people who are slandered by the troll, I have been on the listserv long enough to ignore pretty much anything the troll has to say. I think others on the list do the same.
Finally, thank you to Dean and others on the board for their service. It's unpaid and generally thankless work, but critical for our neighborhood and community.
Anonymous resident on 12th
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