[Summit] window sashes

Anna Highsmith anna at occupant.org
Tue Jan 20 08:25:14 CST 2015

Hi Neighbors,

Is there anyone who might be interested in some window sashes?

We got some of our windows replaced a few years ago, and I'd been saving
the old sashes thinking I could build a cold frame some day. It is time for
a little realism, and it's time for that particular hippie dream to die.
I'm never going to build a cold frame.

But don't you want to?

They are single-pane, painted wood, and not super old-- certainly not as
old as our 1929 house. They seem more recent than the 70's, so I doubt they
have lead paint. Some are divided-light, some are not. Each sash is about
30" x 30," and there are 17 of them.

Let me know if you are interested. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's the Landfill
Life for them (and I did try the Habitat ReStore-- they don't want sashes
with no frames).

Colonial Rd
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