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eugene sorkin sorki at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 25 13:53:01 CST 2015

Mr Fr Eng is a troll. So do not expect him to act in a normal way. The only intention he has is to irritate and bother our "elitist"  community. By the way,  I am sick and tired of him. Can I opt to not see his emails anymore?

     On Sunday, January 25, 2015 10:27 AM, Fr Eng <ridotshaw at gmail.com> wrote:

 So, interesting interchange, for sure.Remember my initial idea was that this group SNA is much better off doing small scale community service projects, rather than projects that turn into fiascos like the fountain!!!
But that was enough to earn the scorn or eastsiders and there requirements:
so, you can't post without identifying yourself
so, even if you do that, it's not worth anything if you don't respond to all our responses
so, don't ever refer to anyone with some kind of ridicule or an unkind name 
so, what you really need to do is show yourself - to be validated, come to a meeting.  

If you don't fulfill these requirements, you have no worth in this forum.   IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT OTHERS DONT FULFILL THESE REQUIREMENTS.  So, what makes the difference...  well the difference is I'm critical of your group!!!!
And, if you disagree, we need to hunt you down, you are a TROLL, you're SICK,  there's something seriously wrong with you.
so, let's kill the messenger and behave in ways that make him wrong but if we do it, it's ok.
The issue folks is the basic issue with this SNA and the east side:  elitism.  And it's the root of the persistent issue that surfaced with the fountain.   We speak for all these residents, we're right and that's that.  Let's cut down the trees.  When I objected, I was told I was wrong and after the trees were cut down, I'd forget/be forgotten.  While, I didn't forget.
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