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Wed Jul 29 08:13:26 CDT 2015

Your welcome, Ellen.

I did meet with WBNA regarding us starting a similar program in Summit.  We
decided that we would see what the interest level was first.  If the
interest is low-to-moderate in Summit, then Summit residents will be able
to enroll via WBNA's initiative.  If Summit interest were significant
enough to justify starting a Summit-specific program, we'll do that.

So far it seems that the response from our neighborhood falls into the
low-to-moderate category, and WBNA is happy to include our orders with
their own.

If anyone feels like they missed the boat on this, feel free to shoot me an
email at SNAProv at gmail.com, and I'll put you in touch with the fine folks
across town.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 7:54 PM, Ellen House <elnhouse at gmail.com> wrote:

> I attended the workshop on solar panels for Providence homes and
> businesses that Dean sent the announcement about. The West Broadway
> Neighborhood Association has been very involved in initiating and
> facilitating the use of photo-voltaic solar panels in their neighborhood.
> The meeting at City Hall was informative and seems like a great opportunity
> for alternative green energy.
> There are both Federal and State incentives to help with the cost of
> installing photo-voltaic roof panels, but some of the incentives require
> that you start the process before this Friday. It's my understanding that
> you don't need to have committed to anything by Friday, but begin the
> process of having a free evaluation of the suitability of your house and
> situation for solar generated electricity.
> Dean's email has links to both information from the West Broadway
> Neighborhood Association and Sol Power, a local company that evaluates your
> energy requirements and installs photo-voltaic systems. I was surprised
> that there weren't more Summit residents attending the workshop and
> encourage you to read the information on the links and if you're
> interested, get your name in to either WBNA or Sol Power before the end of
> the week.
> Thank you to Dean for forwarding the information from WBNA!
> Ellen
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