[Summit] PawSox ownership

Gayle Gifford gayle at ceffect.com
Tue Mar 10 13:35:39 CDT 2015

For more background on Jim Skeffington, who is the new co-owner and
President of the PawSox, you may wish to read the Ted Nesi profile below.

Of interest to me: 
"Skeffington played an instrumental role in brokering a deal between the
state, a developer and a bank that led to the construction of Providence
Place, which requires taxpayers to pay the developer at least $3.56 million
a year through 2021. He secured deals for Fleet, Fidelity Investments, CVS
and other clients, as well, and advocated reducing taxes on wealthier Rhode
Islanders to spur job creation."

"He is the godfather of moral-obligation bonds in the state of Rhode Island,
which is a means to circumvent the will of the people," [Rep] Frias said.
"In the context of that time period, bond referendums were being voted down
by the people, so this was a means by which, in my opinion, political
insiders were able to achieve their objectives without having to get
approval from the public."

As we remember, moral obligation bonds were used for 38 Studios. 
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Gayle L. Gifford, 

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