[Summit] Icy sidewalks

Sumati Eberstadt sumieber at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 11 15:45:21 CDT 2015

Should anyone like to save this list, here is what I have saved from various SNA listserv recommendations for snow removal.

Tony Vieira      497-4440 (cell)   

DenLar    339-0363             

Fabio Vieira   401-654-0144  Property Line Fencing

Kelly & Sons   401-545-2835  Woodbine St.

Michelle Brevilia   cell phone 774-219-6360 or friend's phone 401-300-6696.
Nilton  401-663-0137
Filipe Ruiz, Family Landscaping  286-4184

This year when I just couldn’t anymore, I called Fabio Vieira and he came with a crew of 5 and two snowblowers, did a great job. I have no idea if what he charged was a lot or a little, having not much to compare it with. But when two days after one big storm, I had to go to a doctor appointment but saw that the plow had widen the street leaving me with a foot high pile of packed ice that I couldn’t even get my shovel into, I phoned him - I am pretty sure I woke him up - and he came out immediately and got me free. The others, I don’t know personally, but each of the above people has been recommended at some time by someone on this list.

And yes, it is really nice when the walks are clear. I have total sympathy, though, with folks on corners where the plows push all the snow. Let’s all just try to do our best, and know it will never be perfect.


On Mar 11, 2015, at 3:28 PM, Aaron Smuts <asmuts at gmail.com> wrote:

> What we've learned so far:
> There is only one snow shoveler for hire in RI and he only works odd hours.
> Those with snow blowers should work for their lazy neighbors for free.
> There is no point shoveling the sidewalks on part of a street unless
> the entire street is shoveled.
> And everyone is beyond reproach, except for us judgmental types.

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