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Just an FYI, we had a moment of insanity, we thought about selling our
property to Amar thinking he might want to convert it to parking. His
response, "no, I would never do that to the neighbors." So I think it's of
value to know that he cares about the neighborhood quite a bit.

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Thanks for finding this out. Too bad about the loss of the outdoor dining
area. I agree with your sentiments.
Andy Cagen

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> Hi,
> India is proposing to convert the outdoor space to expand what I 
> understand is a very small kitchen (they prepare much of the food 
> offsite at this time), add storage space and an office. This would 
> eliminate the outdoor dining. We live right behind the restaurant and 
> Amar asked us over to discuss his plans. We want him to stay in 
> business; he is a good and responsible neighbor. When I first moved in 
> (98), I had a rat problem and when I went to treat it, Terminix 
> suggested that I ask India to get a plan for treatment as well. Ever 
> since they did, no more rats. When there are issues with anything and 
> I call, they are very responsive. There is an existing liquor license 
> for that property. If Amar can't make the restaurant work because of the
tight kitchen, he might decide to move the restaurant.
> Because there has been a liquor license on that property space for 
> years, most likely another one would be granted and instead of an 
> older generation nightclub like Bumblebees, we might end up with 
> something really noisy and raucous. I do not want that. So we are doing
what we can to work with him.
> That's what I know about all of it.. It is not his burden to create 
> parking as it is not a residence.
> Heidi Gervais
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