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I have stopped to pick up books there twice and left some the last time. So cool!


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This made me so happy to read, thank you Anne! Happy to support!

From: Anne Holland <aholland at gmail.com>

Hi, I manage the 'Little Free Library' on the sidewalk outside my house at 116 Summit (the yellow house in between Creston Way and 4th). Currently I'm urgently seeking donations of kids books, which I have trouble keeping in stock as they are so popular.

Literary fiction for adults is the second most popular category. Can you help? Just put your donations inside the Library.

I curate 2x daily to make sure it's not overloaded or too empty. The library box shifts about 3-4 books daily, it's fairly popular. If we get an overload of donations, I keep them in my vestibule and then put them out when the Library gets emptier. If any books prove unpopular with passers by, I then donate them to the public library book sale or the hospital. So, nothing is wasted.

I've donated several dozen books myself, but most books are coming from you guys in the neighborhood. Thanks!

The most popular books are pre-school up through about 4th grade level, as well as adult books that are Booker and Pulitzer prize nominees. Non fiction and mass market are not as popular except for anything by James Herriot.

Anne Holland

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