[Summit] Economics of success in Providence and therefore, Hope.

Robert Mathiesen rmath13 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 18:50:30 CST 2016

Yes it can, in princple.  But most of the wealth that is created thereby
will be concentrated in the hands of those who are already very wealthy.  A
rising tide may lift all boats, but it also drowns the huge number of
people who have no boat, or only a leaky rotten boat.  I am confident that
these drowning masses will manage either to swamp the sound boats so that
everyone drowns equally, or they will find a way to hang the wealthy from
assorted lampposts.  Human nature and all that ...

On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 4:47 PM, James Kelley <crunniuc at live.com> wrote:

> I am confident that there are many much more talented and knowledgeable
> people than myself on this list though I did major in economics and have an
> MBA.
> Bottom line: existing talent and expertise will thrive if government will
> just get out of the way.
> I think this conversation is missing the point that wealth is created when
> there is value added to something and then exported. This is is happening
> now but under the radar; the Providence Foundation attempted to highlight
> these so I won't attempt now. I know first hand that great talent here is
> being used effectively (though exported to MA).
> Providence was a top 10 wealth creator in 1900 because it had specialized
> expertise which it utilized and exported the results.
> It can happen again with a "can do" attitude and not a defeatist one.
> Good health and happiness,
> Jim Kelley
> John Bazik <jbazik at gmail.com> wrote:
> > No, John, businesses probaby won't follow.  Small and local onea are
> alrady here, the relatively few of them that remain in business.  At this
> point, large businesses make most of their money in other ways than by
> satisfying the needs of potential customers living in any particular city.
> I wasn’t thinking of customers, I was thinking of employees.  The talent
> pool is going to be larger and more stable in places with a high quality of
> life.
> John
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