[Summit] Brown parking lot

Aaron Masri amasri1 at cox.net
Thu Jan 28 09:43:47 CST 2016

The city huffs and puffs about surface parking being a bad land use practice, but how many "temporary" lots have actually been built on on the past 20 years.  Probably none.  They do not hold developers accountable for their plans to build and instead reward them with an extension to keep the surface parking in place.  

If Brown wants to construct a building on this land, then they should do it now.  What's going to happen in two years when the permit for the surface parking expires?  Are the Thayer Street merchants going to allow parking for their customers to taken away after lobbying the university for the demolition?  We'd be naive to believe this?  We're still waiting for Brown to build something on the Ethan Allen property on N Main Street.  It's yet another example of demolition by neglect and a lack of vision by the university.  I get so depressed seeing the real estate class flatten our built environment that is supposedly what makes our city attractive.

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