[Summit] Proposed 4 A.M. closing for Insomnia Cookies on Thayer St. (hearing 1 p.m. Thurs 14 July)

David Kolsky davidjkolsky at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 20:55:14 CDT 2016

I’m glad to pass on the information, Rick, (as I’m doing now) although I don’t share all of your apprehensions because I was a long-time wee-hours patron of Dunkin’ Donuts on Thayer St. (roughly opposite the bagel shop) when it was open all night.
It’s probably better to have a few places like Antonio’s pizza where departing bar patrons can eat (thus slowing the absorption of alcohol), drink coffee or juice, sober up and generally calm down  — especially if they drive — than to have them gather in unwatched, disorganized groups on the street.

I won’t, however, be able to attend the city Board of Licenses and give opinions either way myself, since, although I now live much closer to City Hall (on Federal Hill), I have a conflicting appointment at 2 p.m.
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      From: R Champagne <rwchampagne at gmail.com> at the College Hill Neighborhood Association
 To: David Kolsky 
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 Subject: Insomnia cookies

Hi David - can you share with Wayland square?  If approved this could set a precedent for other east side businesses to ask for a later closing. 

Fellow College Hill Neighbors - we need your help. 

Insomnia Cookies appearing before the Licensing Board tomorrow and asking for permission to stay open until 4am on Thayer Street every day to sell food for walk in traffic and deliveries. 

This will create a huge noise problem for nearby residents, and cause a cascade effect where other businesses seek to follow this precedent if it is approved. 

This could also result in an increase in late night disturbances and a need for extended Police patrol hours.  When other places close, this will be the place crowds will migrate to until 4 am - 7 days a week!

Would you be willing to appear in front of the Licensing Board tomorrow at 1pm to oppose this license request? 

Providence City Hall, 25 Dorrance St, Room 112.

If you can't attend - please share!

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