[Summit] Panhandling in the city

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Sat Jul 23 22:02:51 CDT 2016

 A section of a Providence Journal story on panhandling.


That's the way Karen Santilli, president of Crossroads Rhode Island, sees it.

"It's tourism season. We want people to come to Rhode Island. This is not what we want to be known for. I completely get the concern," said Santilli. "I drive down North Main Street. I walk through downtown. I see the signs that say they're homeless and I know they're not homeless."

Santilli, who runs the state's leading agency for the homeless, has one piece of advice: Don't pay them.

The police, homeless advocates and the head of the Downtown Improvement District agree. Instead of giving money to panhandlers, people should support organizations that help the needy.

"If it's not economically viable," Santilli says, "They'll stop doing it."


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