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Thu Jul 28 08:32:02 CDT 2016

The passing of Sheila Perlow is a profound loss for SNA and for the
neighborhood in general.  I'm not even sure how long she'd been involved in
the neighborhood association, but it's been years.  She has been a key
component of brokering the peace between our residents and our
institutional neighbor, the Miriam Hospital.  She did this quietly and

>From my experience with Sheila, that's the only thing she did quietly.
Those that knew her will agree that she had a fun and outgoing
personality.  She never held her tongue, in a good way.  She spoke her mind
and let you know what she thought.  And she was funny while she did that.
I always appreciated not just her perspective on a topic, but the often
hysterical quips she would slide in there for your enjoyment.

I also appreciated that she would often call me after a meeting, either to
agree with the outcome or to express her concern.  I'll miss her raspy
voice expressing to me her opinion on something, dropping F-bombs left and
right, not mad or excited, but just talking it out.  I loved that.  She was
so honest and easy to communicate with.

Sheila was incredibly dedicated to the Summit Neighborhood Association.
Even though she lived just over the Pawtucket line (an often-repeated joke
was that she could see Summit from her house), she was always, always,
always the first to volunteer to help out.  She took the fun jobs and the
not-so-fun jobs, it didn't matter to her.  She was of-service.  The
organization has suffered a huge loss with her passing.

Our sincere condolences go out to her family, including her life partner
Dan MacLellan, another long-time dedicated SNA board member.

Dean Weinberg, SNA President

Long-time Summit Neighborhood Association Board of Directors member
Sheila Perlow died  Tuesday, July 26. She was 75. The funeral will be
private, but the family will sit shiva from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday
at the home of Sheila’s daughter, Jill Stewart, at 145 Sandy Lane,
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