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StJacques, Alissa alissa.stjacques at nemoves.com
Tue Jun 7 13:15:18 CDT 2016

Hi Summit Neighbors! 

I recently sent out a letter to some of you trying to get our community to rally around our winter moth problem. I've received a lot of great feedback in just a day, and wanted to follow up with some great new information that people have passed on to me! One woman on Hope Street said that she has been washing her flowers and shrubs just with water daily, which has kept many insects at bay and also helped plants overcome any damage done. Others have told me about different products they have used over the years. I've also received feedback from a local plant scientist who suggested that we all read the information in this link as in her professional opinion, this is some of the best advice on actions that can/should be taken: 

Please keep the dialogue going and feedback coming! I know that collectively, if we put our knowledge together and get the neighborhood on board, we can save our beautiful trees. 


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