[Summit] Summit Postal Carrier Lois: Party & Gift Campaign

Anne Holland aholland at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 08:55:52 CDT 2016

Party news: Our Summit neighborhood party for our longtime postal carrier
Lois, who is retiring, is next Saturday June 18th 1-4pm. It's being held at
116 Summit Ave (near 4th St), we'll have a DJ and everyone is invited.

If you'd like to pitch in for her gift (goal is $500 cash she can use to
get whatever her heart desires), please donate at the

For the past decade, Lois has often worked 10+ hour days delivering mail in
ALL kinds of weather. Her territory is between Hope Street and North Main,
from Edgehill to 5th St.

Yes, she does know about this party - she even gave us a list of her
favorite songs for the DJ! However she does NOT know about the gift funds.
Shhh! The gift is a secret - don't tell her until we make the announcement
on Saturday. Thank you

Anne Holland
Committee Member
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