[Summit] High school/college student: give voice lessons to a 7yo?

Emlyn Addison noisyblocks at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 12:11:10 CDT 2016

Hi folks,

Anyone know of a high schooler/young adult who can sing and play piano (at
least, who can plonk out something from a music book) who might be
interested in giving voice lessons to our daughter? Just spending time with
her singing songs--a chance for her to have fun with music and get her feet
wet singing along (read: Disney, fairies, musicals...you get the picture).

We're thinking once or twice a week; we have an upright piano in our home.
$20/lesson? I'm guessing the right person will need to have a little
experience with kids--how to keep her interested, teaching self-confidence,
and giving encouragement.

We're looking for someone younger who she can identify with; knowing our
daughter, she might respond better to a girl in this role...but if you
think your son/nephew/paper boy can channel Flynn Rider or Prince Charming
on key, contact us!


8th street
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