[Summit] "Baby" the lost cat (Update)

Theresa Mathiesen elvamath at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 13:45:28 CDT 2016

I've been asked if Baby the black cat has been found yet.  The answer is
no, she has not been found.  She, or a cat like her, has been sighted a
couple of times.

Andriana will be putting up posters until Baby is found.  Feel free to take
one home in case you see Baby.  That's what I did.  The poster with
Andriana's phone no. is right by my computer.

She was lost on 4th Street, and sightings have been within a few blocks of
4th St.  So it seems she hasn't wandered far... but this is only conjecture.

Please continue to keep your eyes open, and if you see an all black cat
with green eyes, call Andriana at 413-695-4351.

Thank you!

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