[Summit] Washer/dryer repair person?

Peter Sandby-Thomas peter.sandbythomas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 16:43:11 CDT 2016

We used Smart Choice last week for an issue with our dryer based on recommendations used on the list but, in contrast to the experiences of others on here, I was not so impressed. Firstly, the person was unable to actually identify the issue with the dryer. Initially, they said that the motor sounded good when started up but then 10 minutes later, said that I needed to get it replaced because it “might" have an issue. And the cost of doing so was $240. It may well be that the motor does need to be replaced but what got me was that they didn’t actually open up the dryer to inspect the motor directly. I did ask him if he looked at it and he said vaguely that he “looked inside" but I know that he didn’t check the motor because it is located on the bottom right-hand side of the dryer and requires it to to be taken apart and flipped onto its front to access it and the dryer was never moved. However, because of the service fee, by declining the motor replacement, I paid the guy $60 for 10 minutes of “work” - in retrospect, I should have challenged that. I also didn’t appreciate the sales pressure to try and get me to agree to the motor replacement. In short, I don’t plan on using them again. I did use Neighborhood Repairs about 18 months ago for the dryer and found them to be better - I just thought they were on the expensive side and I dislike paying a service fee (even though I understand why companies have it). 


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