[Summit] Overnight parking

Kate Sanders katesndrs at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 9 10:50:39 CDT 2016

On the topic of overnight parking: Does anyone have any idea if the city is actually making money off of this policy? 
Since it was approved, one side of our street has turned into a long-term parking lot. A couple of the cars come from the only house on the block that needs on-street parking -- it has three units and enough parking, but a long narrow driveway. That much is fine. The only downside is that their building is on the non-parking side of the street. But they're very nice about moving their cars if we need them to. 
No idea about the other cars. They never seem to have either permits or tickets though. Clearly not a big money-maker for the city. 
This is a minor aggravation most of the time, but a real problem on trash night and when it snows. 
Any thoughts, suggestions, or anyone else who wants to vent about this policy? 
KateSixth Street
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