[Summit] Recycling thieves may be after more that recyclables

Harrison, Mary mary_harrison at brown.edu
Tue Jan 17 13:36:15 CST 2017

Hi, everyone,
I woke up last night around 3:45 and  heard some thumps at the curb. It was
too early for the trash/recycling trucks. When I looked out I saw two
people, a man and a woman, going through our recycle bins, and one of the
garbage cans was on its side in the street. I think they had been through
that, too. I yelled at them and they left, in a very nice looking gray car
(station wagon size) that was parked across the street. I can't think of
any reason they would be going through the garbage, but I've heard that
some people try to steal personal information by going through other
people's trash/recycle bins.
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