[Summit] Helicopters?

Sharon Waldman slwaldman at cox.net
Fri Jun 9 21:44:35 CDT 2017

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has information about two events this evening in
the neighborhood:

About 6 pm we heard yelling outside and what sounded like an animal in
distress. I ran out the door and thought I heard someone yell "help" but
then nothing more and couldn't see anything happening. This was in the area
of Chace Avenue near North Main Street, possibly on Hillside Avenue. I
thought I heard sirens afterwards, but we often hear those as we are not
too far from Miriam Hospital.

About 9:30 pm we heard what sounded like a bunch of low-flying helicopters
overhead and the sound shook the house. Any ideas?

Thanks for any info!
Greaton Drive
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